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Gibbons in the jungle during an Eco Tour with Ban Sabai Village Resort and Spa in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai ECO Tours

Eco-Adventures along the Pang Soong Nature Trails

The stunning Pang Soong Nature Trails (SKAL Ecotourism Award winner 2006) allow access to different parts of a 30 sq. km. pristine, community owned evergreen forest, protected for the past 200 years by its custodians, the Khon Muang, Chaa Mieng farmers of Ban Mae Lai, and widely acclaimed to be the best example of such forest in the north.

Chiang Mai Activities and Eco tourism. Various suggestions for young and old

Chiang Mai is very interesting and has many things to offer, for any age and interest group. Specially to mention is the friendliness of the people, nature, culture, shopping and food.

Please study the list below, we are very much happy to assist you organizing some of the activities mentioned below. have a good time and enjoy exploring Chiang Mai and its surrounding - just make sure that you plan enough time to discover some of the interesting activities here in Chiang Mai.

Are a collection of programs, 1, 1.5 and 2 days in duration designed to appeal to those who are ‘fit and over fifty’, and enjoy the outdoor environment. Different trails, graded from easy to medium in terms of difficulty provide access to the 30 really beautiful pristine, evergreen Mae Lai community forest located high in the mountains just one hour outside of Chiang Mai, that has been protected by its custodians, the Khon Muang (Chaa Mieng – fermented tea) farmers of the Mae Lai valley for over 200 years.

With basic but comfortable and clean accommodation available in the delightful Pang Soong Lodge, Outdoor Education & Research Centre, at the trail head, and in clean cool mountain air, this unique private sector operated – community owned attraction, is a model of responsible tourism that helps protect the forest, and provides environmental education to locals and visitors alike.

The Eco-Adventures are a number of programs of different durations, (1, 1.5 and 2 days in length) in which one or more ‘tours & activities’ are presented on their own or combined together under a package number (i.e. #201) according to their content and the degree of physical difficulty they represent./p>

The project is a model for eco-tourism development. All nature programs incorporate a biodiversity monitoring components to which guides, visitors, visiting students, interns and experts contribute. The Lodge is management by qualified foreign outdoor education professionals, and the guide force – made up of very experienced English speaking senior guides, teamed up with forest ‘experts’ from the local community are the backbone of the operation.

Nestled in the forest on the banks of the Mae Lai stream, the Lodge consists of a cluster of 3 wooden buildings overlooking a pond fed by the constant flow of the stream. There are 16 rooms, (in single, twin, 3 bunk bed, and 4 bunk bed formats.) There are 11 western shower and toilets spread across the 3 buildings.

The Eco-Adventures are run from the delightful Pang Soong Lodge, Outdoor Education & Research Centre located in a stream side setting in the Mae Lai valley, a 3 hour walk or 20 minute drive away from the Flight of the Gibbon office in Ban Mae Kampong./p>

The Tour & Activity Choices

The 4 tours & activities on offer for this year are as shown below. Taking a 1 and 1.5 day program allows you to include ONE of these activities. A 2 day program allows you to choose TWO of these activities. All programs, allow you to visit the Royal Project at Teen Tok, and the Khon Muang village of Ban Mae Lai.

Details on the Program: The following program descriptions and pricing is all that 85% of guests would need to know before deciding to book or not. For those who need ‘much more’ detail on the program content, and on the unique concept behind the program, follow the link to more detail at the bottom of the page.

1 Day Program
08.00 hrs., Depart from your hotel in Chiang Mai by minibus escorted by an English speaking guide for the 50km journey to Pang Soong Lodge, Outdoor Education & Research Centre. Visit the Royal Project at Teen Tok, (Coffee,Vanilla) whilst on route.

Set off from the Lodge into the stunning 30 sq.m. Mae Lai Community Forest, on the tour or activity of your choice:
#101 -Activity B – The Original Nature Trail (Category: Easy/Medium) on a 3-4 hour walk.
#102 - Activity C – The Stream & Mountain Trail (Category: Easy/Medium) on a 3-4 hour walk.

Includes the Flight of the Gibbon Zip Wire & Canopy Walk program.


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