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China Post Putai

more Guangzhou China Post Putai Mobile Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to mobile communication products ... more
China Post Putai
communication device 100-499 people
Founded 2000-11 Beijing CEO Pan Zhen
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Company Profile
Guangzhou China Post Putai Mobile Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. is a large professional company dedicated to agency and sales of mobile communication products. Since its establishment in January 2002, the company adheres to the responsibility of creating value for customers, adheres to the management philosophy of "adhering to the principle and implementing constant improvement," and has more than 500 "China Posts" working hard, forging ahead, pioneering and innovative, Keeping pace with the times, the company quickly emerged from the industry with strong development momentum, becoming the best strategic partner of Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, Samsung, Philips and other internationally renowned mobile phone brands, and becoming a well-known brand of Guangdong provincial mobile phone agents. And for several consecutive years, it has consistently ranked at the forefront of Guangdong provincial-level mobile phone agents with impressive performance.
The company is committed to the development of China's communications industry, and has close and in-depth cooperation with China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom and so on. And increasingly play a positive role in the provision of mobile terminals.
The company always adheres to "market-oriented" and adheres to "continuous innovation and courage to reform". After several years of hard work, we have established a complete distribution network system, established close cooperative relationships with terminal retailers, and built a team full of combat effectiveness. So far, the company has established 23 offices in six regions, including Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, and Shantou, and has comprehensively covered the sales channel network of all major cities in Guangdong Province. At the same time, it has established a comprehensive marketing and after-sales management system that integrates sales, marketing, logistics, distribution and after-sales service, and has become a long-known "industry banner and model of operation" in the industry.
The outstanding performance achieved by China Post today is inseparable from the support and love of all partners in the supply chain, and it is the result of the dedicated work and unity of all "China Post People". To this end, the company regards talents as the foundation of the development of the company. "How big a struggle you can turn over, how big the company will be for you." The company does its best to provide every employee with the opportunity to realize their own value and enhance their own capabilities. Build a platform for career advancement. Strive to achieve the synchronous development of the company and employees, and always win-win.
The company focuses on mobile communication products, and will be committed to achieving international brand manufacturers such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, Samsung, Philips, etc., and operators such as China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, and achieving a win-win situation with many retail terminal partners. Communications industry is developing.

Company Profile

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China Post Putai Communication Services Co., Ltd.
communication device
100-499 people
Guangzhou China Post Putai Mobile Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. is a large professional company dedicated to agency and sales of mobile communication products. Since its establishment in January 2002, the company adheres to the responsibility of creating value for customers, adheres to the business management philosophy of "adhering to the principle and constantly improving," more than 500 "China Post ... more

Business Information


注册资本: 64900万元人民币 法人代表: 钱涛 Established: 2000-11-24 Registered capital: 649 million yuan Legal representative: Qian Tao

中邮普泰通信服务股份有限公司 Full name of the company: China Post Putai Communication Services Co., Ltd.

股份有限公司(非上市、国有控股) Business Type: Joint-stock company (non-listed, state-controlled)

开业 Operating status: Opening

北京市 Headquarters City: Beijing

2000-11-24 至无固定期限 Operating period: 2000-11-24 to no fixed period

北京市西城区复兴门内大街156号D座6层 Registered address: 6th Floor, Block D, No. 156 Fuxingmennei Street, Xicheng District, Beijing

通信网络技术开发、设计、施工、设备成套、技术咨询、技术培训;通信终端产品维修服务;技术开发、技术服务、技术推广、技术转让;电子产品、通信产品及配件的开发、销售;展览及技术交流;出租办公用房、出租商业用房;仓储服务;设计、制作、代理、发布广告;数据处理(呼叫中心、数据处理和存储服务中的银行卡中心、PUE值在1.5以上的云计算数据中心除外);第二类增值电信业务中的呼叫中心业务和信息服务业务;销售计算机、软件及辅助设备、通信设备、润滑油、机械设备、家用电器、电子元器件、五金交电、文化用品、照相器材、化妆品、卫生用品、体育用品、纺织品、服装、日用品、黄金、白银制品、首饰、工艺品、第一类医疗器械、第二类医疗器械、新鲜水果、新鲜蔬菜、饲料、花卉、通讯设备、建筑材料、玩具、汽车及摩托车配 Scope of business: communication network technology development, design, construction, equipment set, technical consultation, technical training; communication terminal product maintenance services; technology development, technical service, technology promotion, technology transfer; electronic products, communication products and accessories development, sales Exhibition and technical exchange; rental of office space, rental of commercial space; storage services; design, production, agency, advertising; data processing (call center, bank card center in data processing and storage services, PUE value above 1.5 (Except for cloud computing data centers); call center business and information service business in the second type of value-added telecommunications business; sales of computers, software and auxiliary equipment, communication equipment, lubricants, mechanical equipment, household appliances, electronic components, hardware delivery Electricity, stationery, photographic equipment, cosmetics, hygiene products, sporting goods, textiles, clothing, daily necessities, gold, silver products, jewelry, crafts, first-class medical devices, second-class medical devices, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, feed , Flowers, communication equipment, building materials, toys, cars and motorcycles Parts, instruments, ceramic products, rubber products, plastic products, import and export of goods, import and export of agents; train ticketing agents; sales of food, chemical products, third-class medical equipment; engaged in auction business (excluding cultural relics). (Enterprises independently select business items and carry out business activities in accordance with the law; engage in auction business, sell third-class medical devices, and items that are subject to approval according to law, and carry out business activities in accordance with approved content after approval by relevant departments; they must not engage in industrial policy prohibitions And operating activities of restricted projects.)

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Overall rating

Based on 11 reviews

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Former employee-1 year-Beijing

Mainly do electronic product distribution industry

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The company is in the leading position in the industry, the future development prospects are stable, compared with similar companies ...

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一般 巨难 Easy and generally difficult

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Interview location: China Post Putai-Beijing

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¥ 4350

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$ 7540
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  • 中邮普泰 Shenzhen Aishide Co., Ltd. vs. China Post
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