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more Young, innovative notebook brandmore
E-commerce 100-499 people
Founded in 2015-06
Company Address: 4th Floor, Building H, TO + Science and Technology Camp, Dongao Creative Town, Huangcun, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City
Company Profile
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Company profile Maiben. The company is an e-commerce company that sells laptops through Tmall, Taobao and other platforms. The company focuses on providing cost-effective laptops. At present, the company ranks first in sales of single products in the Tmall notebook category. The "Maibenben" brand is an independently operated brand of "Guangzhou Zimai Technology Co., Ltd.". The company has developed rapidly. Since its establishment in December 2013, sales have increased dramatically. At present, the monthly sales volume exceeds 10,000 units. The company is now in a period of rapid development. It needs to recruit a large number of outstanding talents. We can provide you with a stage for full display. The "Maibenben" company welcomes you to join. In 2006, the founder of Macbook sold laptops on Taobao and started in Guangzhou in September 2013. Macbook bought Shenzhen Qirun Digital Technology Co., Ltd. In November 2013, the company raised 17 million to build a Macbook brand. At the end of December 2013, Maibenben brand company began trial operation on December 25, 2013, Maibenben supplies 111 Heely holdings of Quasi-Systems. On December 28, 2013, Maibenben and Quanta negotiated an order for 10,000 laptops. February 2014, Maibenben This notebook entered the top three of Taobao Tmall notebooks, and the top three in 2015 were the first double 11. The Macbook broke 14 million in one hour and ranked third in the notebook industry. [Company benefits] 1. Food and accommodation, room supplements, meal supplements 2. , Performance award, seniority award, outstanding employee award. 3. Outstanding employee stock dividends and options; 4. Paid holidays and annual vacations; 5. Birthday gifts; 6. Monthly / holiday dinners, annual parties, opening ceremony; 7, annual tourism, employee activities, etc. [Company Store Address],company_ida220o.1000855.w7071209-5043340324.1.fYcb9D&scene,company_idtaobao_shop [qrtech Digital Flagship Store] , company_id2013.1.w5001-7621187534.4.Ftf2dR & scene, company_idtaobao_shop [Fenghuo Digital Brand Notebook][Maiben Ben Tmall Flagship Store] [Maiben Ben Jingdong flagship store】
product description

Company Profile

3 photos in total
Guangzhou Zimai Technology Co., Ltd.
100-499 people
4 / F, Building H, TO + Science and Technology Innovation Camp, Dongao Creative Town, Huangcun, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
Company profile Maiben. The company is an e-commerce company that sells laptops through Tmall, Taobao and other platforms. The company focuses on providing cost-effective laptops. At present, the company ranks first in sales of single products in the Tmall notebook category. "Maibenben" Brand Is "Guangzhou Zimai Technology Co., Ltd." ... more

Business Information


注册资本: 1000万元人民币 法人代表: 王大可 Established: 2015-06-30 Registered capital: 10 million RMB Legal representative: Wang Dake

广州紫麦科技股份有限公司 Company name: Guangzhou Zimai Technology Co., Ltd.

股份有限公司(非上市、自然人投资或控股) Business Type: Joint stock company (unlisted, natural person investment or holding)

在营(开业)企业 Operating status: In-operation (opening) enterprise

广东省 Headquarters City: Guangdong Province

2015-06-30 至无固定期限 Operating period: 2015-06-30 to no fixed period

广州市天河区大灵山路61号第28栋H-1408房(不可作厂房使用) Registered address: Room H-1408, Building 28, No. 61, Dalingshan Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou (Cannot be used as a factory building)

化妆品及卫生用品零售;包装材料的销售;化妆品及卫生用品批发;百货零售(食品零售除外);日用杂品综合零售;纺织品及针织品零售;日用家电设备零售;服装零售;计算机零售;其他办公设备维修;箱、包零售;商品信息咨询服务;计算机和辅助设备修理;通讯设备修理;半导体分立器件制造;网络技术的研究、开发;办公设备耗材批发;通讯设备及配套设备批发;计算机零配件零售;软件零售;办公设备耗材零售;通信设备零售;电子元器件零售;电子产品零售;软件开发;集成电路设计;信息系统集成服务;纺织品、针织品及原料批发;服装批发;家居饰品批发;文具用品批发;计算机批发;计算机零配件批发;软件批发;办公设备批发;电子元器件批发;电子产品批发;商品批发贸易(许可审批类商品除外);小饰物、小礼品零售;文具用品零售;体育用品及器材零售;计算机房维护服务 Scope of business: retail of cosmetics and hygiene products; sales of packaging materials; wholesale of cosmetics and hygiene products; retail of department stores (except food retail); comprehensive retail of daily necessities; retail of textiles and knitwear; retail of daily household appliances; clothing retail; computers Retail; other office equipment maintenance; box and bag retail; commodity information consulting services; computer and auxiliary equipment repair; communication equipment repair; semiconductor discrete device manufacturing; network technology research and development; office equipment supplies wholesale; communication equipment and supporting equipment wholesale Computer retail; software retail; office equipment supplies retail; communication equipment retail; electronic component retail; electronic product retail; software development; integrated circuit design; information system integration services; textiles, knitwear and raw materials wholesale; clothing wholesale; Wholesale of home accessories; wholesale of stationery; wholesale of computers; wholesale of computer parts and accessories; wholesale of software; wholesale of office equipment; wholesale of electronic components; wholesale of electronic products; wholesale trade of goods (except for license approval products); retail of small accessories and small gifts; Retail of stationery; Retail of sporting goods and equipment; Computer room maintenance services Information technology consulting services; data processing and storage services; research and development of electronics, communications and automatic control technologies; research and development of communications technologies, technical services; computer technology development, technical services; information electronics technology services; computer manufacturing; computer peripherals Equipment manufacturing; computer parts manufacturing; computer application electronic equipment manufacturing; import and export of goods (except franchised products); technology import and export; retail of electrical equipment; photography services; creative planning services; marketing planning services; cultural and art consulting services

Campus briefing

Nanjing University
Venue: Room 203, Room 203, South Hall 21, Gulou Campus
Zhongnan University of Economics and Law
Location: Audio-visual 101
China University of Geosciences
Location: 304, Third Floor, West District

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¥ 7700

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7400-18 % less than peer
$ 7400
$ 7400
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