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# Work mood today

Let's talk together, how are you going to work today?

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# Workplace confusion for help

I don't understand many questions, but I'm sorry to ask seniors? Come here to ask questions and let everyone help you ~

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# 2019 countdown

With 49 days left in 2019, is your todolist completed this year?

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# First job

Talk about your first job together. Was it a loss or a blessing?

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# Get along with colleagues

How does a newcomer "break in" a small group of colleagues? Colleagues must not be friends? It's a technical job to get along with colleagues!

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Do you want to wear formal clothes for the interview?

I have only interviewed in school and have not gone out for an interview. Notify me this week for an interview. Do you have to wear a formal dress for the interview?

如果公司是国企公司规模较大的最好穿,如果规模不是那么大或者是属于比较新兴行业的公司(例如电商,游戏公司),不穿也没什么问题,虽然不用穿正装,但还是以得体为主吧 5 Likes If the company is a large state-owned company, it is best to wear it. If it is not so large or is a company in a relatively new industry (such as e-commerce, gaming companies), it is not a problem to wear it. Be decent.


Ask for your first job. Choice is more important than hard work, but I deserve choice?

Hello everyone, I am currently in Chengdu. My hometown is a minority area. I am a non-private undergraduate student. Now I am a senior and I am an accounting student. I only took it this year ...

如果想进会计,审计本科就可以实践经验一点点积累然后工资晋升,但是如果想去其他金融行业投行,银行中高端岗位那就继续学习读研究生吧 5 Zan If you want to enter accounting, you can accumulate a little bit of practical experience in auditing undergraduate and then raise your salary.


Choose the money of the big city or the comfort of the small county?

Female, thirty years old, married and educated, serving teacher for eight years, has been rated at the secondary school level, and has won more honors. The fourth and fifth line small county junior high school, 6 am to 5 pm, ... show all

小县城,宁做鸡头不做凤尾,而且我保证大城市的生活质量比不上小县城 5 like small counties, prefer chicken heads to phoenix tails, and I guarantee that the quality of life in large cities is not as good as the small counties


Fresh students should choose private or bank SOEs

I am a 2020 professional master's degree student, a double first-class university, majoring in electronics and communication engineering, and my target industry is the Internet. Autumn signing ... show all

国企求稳定私企求发展看你个人追求了。 5 praise the state-owned enterprises for stability and private enterprises for development depends on your personal pursuit.


The leader wants me to leave my job. Is it legal to do so?

It's like this. The performance evaluation of the fourth quarter of the previous two days was completed, and the department manager asked me to talk to me alone, on the ground that his ability was too poor to keep up with the team growth, so that ... show all

至少年终福利拿到。 5 Likes to get at least year-end benefits. There is compensation for being terminated, and there is no point for voluntary termination.


What to do if I feel like I haven't learned anything after one year of graduation

Graduated in 18 years and spent half a year in Beijing. The company sells intelligent operation and maintenance software for the power distribution room. Although it is an operation assistant, it mainly assists personnel ... show all

首先,你要明确你想做什么;或者说,你喜欢做什么,跟大学的所学专业不一致也没有关系,刚开始那怕工资低一点也要坚持下去,慢慢积累经验,走上正轨! 5 Likes, first of all, you have to be clear about what you want to do; or, what you like to do is not related to the inconsistency of the majors studied in the university. At the beginning, you should stick to it even if the salary is lower, slowly accumulate experience, and start On track! Come on


I have been joining a foreign company for almost a year and want to change my job

Working in Shiseido for almost a year, the company is very humane and the benefits are good, but there is a baby squatting at home, and the salary of 6.5K per month is a bit ... show all

资生堂工资这么低吗,500强哎 5 praise Shiseido salary so low, top 500 hey


The third round of interviews failed, but I was told by phone that there will be a chance to let me brush my resume on the official website. Is there any chance?

The third round of interviews failed, but I was told by phone that there will be a chance to let me brush my resume on the official website. Is there any chance? Really like it ... show all

楼主,怎么样了,进去苹果了么? 5Like the landlord, how is it, have you gone to Apple? Or choose something else?


I got a job offer, but what should I do if there are no courses in the last semester?

I've already taken the offer, and normally join the post in early January. The school issued a few days ago and found that no courses have been passed, but it is available in mid-January ... show all

不要先和公司说,努力考过,再和老师诚恳得沟通一下。 5 Like not to tell the company first, work hard to pass the test, and then communicate with the teacher sincerely.


After receiving Gree's offer, HR said that the regular master's treatment is about 10w, is it true?

I know that the evaluation of Gree is very low, but after the HR said that the postgraduate turned positive for half a year, the annual salary is 10w (including year-end awards, meal supplements, five insurances and one fund, etc.), ...

你好,我通过了电话的一面,收到了视频面试的通知,想请教一下,视频面试面什么呢,专业面吗还是hr面,拜托看我一下( •̥́ ˍ •̀ू ) 5Like Hello, I passed the phone side and received the notice of the video interview. I would like to ask, what is the video interview, is it the hr side, please look at me (• ̥ ́ ˍ • ̀ू)

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What is the next process after the review of international commercial security advertising content and training video interviews?

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Does the education department under Fengyun Technology borrow the name of Fengyun State-owned Enterprise and then receive training money?

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