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Traditional Thai massage at Ban Sabai Village Resort and Spa in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Spa Treatments & Packages in Chiang Mai

With spa packages ranging from an hour or two to those lasting a few days, part of your experience while staying at Ban Sabai Village Resort & Spa Chiang Mai is to try our spa treatments. Our treatments are designed to recharge your body and inner energy.

There is a full range of pampering or therapeutic spa services available. We offer traditional Thai massage with an herbal steam bath, facials, body-masques, detoxification wraps, aromatherapy massages and baths. We also offer complete one and two day rejuvenation packages.
Our spa is certified by the Chiang Mai Health Department for quality and excellence.

Ban Sabai's spa facilities include 3 garden treatment pavilions, 4 treatment rooms, swimming pool, herbal steam rooms and saunas, gym and a relaxation and meditation room.

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Ban Sabai Village Resort & Spa offers complete spa packages, tailored to achieve what you need most. The following two spa holiday packages are available:

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During your stay at the Ban Sabai Village Resort & Spa, you can also book specially composed spa treatment day packages:

 Package  Duration     Detail  Price
 Rachavadee  2 hours
 Body -Scrub, Aroma therapy, Facial massage  3,800
 Ylang Ylang  2 hours
 Body scrub, aroma oil or herbal steamed massage facial or foot massage  3,200
 Ratree  2 hours
 Body masque, Aroma oil or herbal steamed massage, facial or foot massage  3,200
 Orchid  3 hours
 Classic Thai massage, facial or footmassage  2,800
 Saiyut  2 hours
 Aromatherapy, thai herbal facial massage  2,600
 Lilavadee  2 hours
 Body masque, Thai herbal facial massage  2,900
 Jampee  4 hours
 Herbal steamed massage, body scrub, Thai herbal facial,
 Heliconia  3.5 hours
 Body masque, aromatherapy, foot massage  4,900
 Dala  5 hours
 Herbal steam room, classic Thai massage, herbal steamed aroma or oil massage, body masque, foot massage  5,500
 6 hours
 Body Scrub, Thai herbal steam room, classic Thai or aroma oil or herbal steamed  massage, Aroma bath, foot massage  8,100

Naturally, you can book individual spa treatments during your stay at the Ban Sabai Village from our à la carte spa menu:

 Course  Duration  Price
 Thai massage  120 min
 Aroma oil / Herbal steamed
 120 min
 Aromatherapy  60 min
 Body Scrub / Masque  60 min
 Facial  60 min
 Foot  60 min
 Hotstone therapy  60 min
 Lanna Exotic  60 min
  120 min


Last Minute Offer by Ban Sabai Village Resort & Spa Chiang Mai

Last Minute
Up to 50% discount for spontaneous guests!

Ban Sabai Village Resort & Spa 12 Day Detoxification Package

Detox Package 12 days
Purify your body and soul with a our complete detoxification package at Ban Sabai.

7 days Rejuvenation Spa Package at Ban Sabai Village Resort & Spa, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Rejuvenation Spa Package 7 Days
15.5 hours of spa treatments over the course of seven days. Rejuvenate yourself!